Links for Saturday, 5/30/15!

It’s that time of the week again! The weekend, where I like to relax, work on my side projects, and maybe do some reading. To that end:

The Secret to Having a Simplified Schedule by Melissa Camara Wilkins, No Sidebar. We can focus on just the things in our life when we’re trying to simplify, but how often do we look at the things we do? Are we doing things because we want to or need to, or are we doing them to appease other people? It’s your time, and it’s ok to say no to anything that isn’t going to further your goals.

Don’t Buy This Ad by Sam Lustgarten, Frugaling. I seem to link to a lot of Sam’s articles, but they do resonate with me. Not only does he mention Volkswagen (I drive an old Beetle) but he hits on one of the biggest instances of doublethink in our culture today. It reminds me a lot of the “Unilever Controversy” too. Just remember: All companies want to do is make money, and they will do whatever they think will make the most money. That’s it.

Bonus: What I’m listening to right now!

Raggy Monster is a local band from West Palm Beach that I really dig. I try and catch any of the shows they do around West Palm! Really fun an energetic, and a very original sound.

Photo: Mt. Rainier as seen from the top of Crystal Mountain in Washington. I took this a year ago during my first time snowboarding.