Wallets and Desks

When I moved into my house I found a really cool purple desk in the back room. I only need one desk, so I decided to sell my old desk and keep this quirky purple desk. A big part of the reason I favored the purple desk is because I can sit at the center of it. My previous desk had drawers on one side, so you had to sit to the left of center. This was sometimes frustrating when using large monitors or test equpiment, since I could only put things on one side of whatever thing I was working on. At lest I’m not left-handed!

Anyway, I finally sold the old desk yesterday. The picture above is all of the junk that came out of the desk’s four drawers. Granted, some of that mess consists of tools that I use all the time, tax documents, and writing implements, but a lot of it is just needless junk. For some reason there was a VHS tape in there! This definitely reinforces my view that the old saying “out of sight, out of mind” is not a very good maxim to live by. Just because we put something in a place where it isn’t seen doesn’t help us live any simpler. In fact, it exacerbates the problem because the mess and junk is lurking, ready to strike and frustrate us at any moment!

Putting the desk situation aside for a minute, the other thing that I’ve been considering lately is whether or not it’s possible to live without carrying a wallet. I recently stopped carrying keys (special wiring on my motorcycle and a keypad deadbolt on the front door) which was great because I don’t get a hole worn in my pants from a keychain anymore. The wallet problem seems to be a little tougher to tackle, but I had to throw out a pair of pants the other day because my wallet wore a hole through them. I also hate having to carry a wallet when I go surfing or out for a bike ride. This madness must stop! I’m just at a loss for ways to accomplish this, but I’ll keep brainstorming!