Links for Saturday, 5/23/15!

To make a good blog, you have to read good blogs! It’s that sort of “you are what you eat” thinking with which I bring you other people’s blogs. A little late due to the holiday. So it goes.

Are You Making Good Decisions? by¬†Allison Vesterfelt, No Sidebar. A simple guide to making decisions that should really be common sense, but somehow isn’t. (She sold me here: “When you ask people who are dying about the regrets of their life … they wish they would have spent more time with family and friends and less time at work.”)

Cuba Has a Lung Cancer Vaccine, and Now It Could Be Coming to the USA by Caroline Reid, One of the few axioms I firmly believe in is “Trade Creates Wealth” and this certainly goes a long way towards proving my point.

YOLO for 80 Years! by Sam Lustgarten, You may only live once, but you live for quite a while. No sense ruining the majority of it by making poor decisions in the beginning.

Bonus! What I’m listening to today, rockin’ it old school:

Photo: Seattle in spring. I caught it on a rare, non-rainy day during their 9-ish month rainy season.