Saturday Links! August 29, 2015

As Tropical Storm Erika lazily approaches my house, I have cleverly used the “publish later” feature of WordPress to bring you these interesting tidbits on-schedule even if my power goes out this weekend. Isn’t technology great?!

What Kurt Cobain Teaches Us about Freethinking and Minimalism by Brian Gardner, Minimalism through the eyes of the legendary frontman of Nirvana. From his music to his lifestyle, the advantages of living a simple life made Cobain the force he was.

Where the US Gets its Oil From by Randy Olson, A huge symbol of our overconsuming lifestyles (at least in the United States) is our dependence on fossil fuels. But really, this is just an interesting graph that shows the difference between what people think they know and what is actually true.

How Much Is Your Time Worth by Stefanie, Your free time isn’t necessarily worth the same amount, all the time. (I might argue that it’s definitionally “free”.) But it depends on context, and your opportunity cost. A very interesting read and a unique take on what you could bill your “free” time out for.

BONUS: What I’m listening to this week:

Honest, chill music. I might categorize it as shoegaze, but I’m no expert. Just a fan.

Photo: I helped my friends work on this old buggy a while back. Hard to believe, but it’s based on an old Volkswagen Bus. Volkswagens are very versatile and very minimal vehicles!

New Free Time

An inevitable, but sometimes saddening, fact of life is that any time we free up a resource in our lives, we often fill that void with something else. If we save some cash, we start looking for ways to spend that cash. If we free up some time, we start looking for something else to do.

Would it be so bad if we saved our newfound money and time? If we saved that dollar for a house or for retirement? If we saved that hour to bike to the beach or lay in a hammock?

We don’t have to stress ourselves about always being busy, or always spending money. We can choose to relax and de-stress, rather than fret over what should be considered newfound freedom.

Remember to take time for yourself. More isn’t necessarily better.

Photo: Lake Jocassee in South Carolina. One of my favorite places in the world to go for a breath of fresh air.