Saturday Links!

Living a more minimalist lifestyle is all about cutting out everything that’s holding you back so you can live the life you want to live. Everyone is different! Hopefully some of the interesting things I’ve read recently will inspire you as well.

Minimalism And The Pursuit of Happiness by a guest author at Becoming Minimalist. The goal of a minimalist lifestyle isn’t getting rid of stuff for the sake of getting rid of stuff. It’s about cultivating a life that doesn’t chain you to posessions, and making time for the things that really matter. Sometimes it helps to be reminded of this idea.

Check out this awesome living space. Have you ever seen something simpler? It even makes its own energy and recovers rainwater. Makes me want to sell everything I own and drive around the country with this little capsule.

How the Sunk Cost Fallacy Makes You Act Stupid by Michael Davidson, Remember this the next time you think something like “But I’ve spent so much time/money on this, I have to keep it longer to get my money’s worth!”

6 Things Mark Cuban Says You Should Do With Your Money in 2015 by¬†Stefanie O’Connell, Mark Cuban is sometimes a controversial figure, but his advice on personal finance is spot-on. He worked his way into his billions, and his work ethic and attitude towards money is largely the reason.

Bonus! What I’m listening to today:

Photo: Downtown Miami from a few weeks ago when I drove across a bridge to Key Biscayne.