Saturday Links! July 25, 2015

I have been trying to live a simpler life in order to make room for things that matter. Turns out a lot of other people have, too! I’m on vacation now, so this is a little shorter than normal, but I’ll be back soon!

The Four Horsemen of the Financial Apocalypse, An interesting take on four things that you should never do in the financial world. I’m a little torn on student loans because I have them, but I find them to be pretty manageable. The other three I am definitely on board with!

Why the Founding Fathers Were Broke, All of the founding fathers lived hundreds of years ago, so it’s sometimes hard to put their lives in context since ours are so radically different. This article does a great job of it, though.

Add carvings of Outkast to giant Confederate monument, says petition, Nothing really to do with minimalism, but this was just hilarious. I love Outkast, and I would definitely go to see this if Andre and Big Boy were on the side of a mountain.

BONUS! My favorite local band from Charleston, South Carolina!

Photo: My Beetle was in a classic car show! I actually caused a little bit of a ruckus here because I was all the way in the back talking to some hilarious Brits with classic Range Rovers when the show ended. They shut down the street for this, so when it’s time to go you have to be ready or you’ll be blocking everyone else from leaving. I had to run all the way back up to the front and strap the surfboards down before everyone else could leave! My Beetle isn’t exactly “showroom condition” either, so everyone who drove past me asked me if I had broken down. I hadn’t, I just thought the show ended an hour later than it actually did.