Saturday Links! July 4, 2015

Mortgage as a Forced Savings Account to Build Wealth by Financial Samurai. An interesting way to think about your mortgage is as a savings account that you absolutely have to put money into. An upside to buying a house is that your asset will probably appreciate as you’re saving, but the downside is that your savings account probably isn’t very liquid.

What Would Happen If We All Stopped Paying Our Student Loans, Together? by Jennifer Schaffer, Vice. An interesting take on the student debt problem wich involves forming what looks like a “debt union”. Really, it’s about using a “debt strike” as a tool to promote social change, because there is definitely a problem that no one seems willing to address on their own.

Yo ho, yo ho, an FI life for me! by Mr. 1500, “FI” stands for “Financially Independent” in case you were wondering; Mr. 1500 is on a 1500-day mission to build a portfolio large enough to retire on. He touches on one of my pet peeves about retiring early: people asking you if you’ll just be bored once you don’t have to work anymore. ABSOLUTELY NOT. There’s so much to do! I think people that are afraid of this are more likely to have this happen to them.

BONUS! What I’m listening to this week:

The late-90s Britpop resurgence had some gems in it, and not all of them were Oasis.

Photo: I grew this pineapple in my back yard. It’s huge! It’s almost like I’m living in Hawaii!

2 thoughts on “Saturday Links! July 4, 2015”

  1. EM, thanks so much for the shout out!

    I have to roll my eyes whenever I hear the “you’ll be bored” line too. While I am frequently bored at work, I have a seemingly never ending list that could fill many lifetimes…

    1. Exactly. I can only dream about a day when I am not restricted to 9 hours in a cubile (plus an hour of driving to get to the cubicle). Think of all the things there are to build! Classic cars, surfboards, houses, the list is pretty much endless.

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