Saturday Links!

Permission to Let Go by Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus, These guys are pioneers in the minimalism movement, and they always find a nuanced way to tell you that it’s ok to let your stuff go, to live intentionally and simply, and to make room for what matters in your life.

The Great Mortgage Payoff  by marciab, Proceed Until Apprehended. I’m in the beginning stages of my own mortgage and I’ve been throwing a lot of extra cash at the principal. I’ve never really bought into the idea of “good debt” and it’s great to see other people who have kept going with the goal of being debt-free, even if it’s with something “good” like a house.

Is It Better to Rent or Buy? Mortage-vs-Renting calculator at the New York Times. I’ve written about my own house and a little about how I calculated whether to rent or own, and it’s good to see that this calculator also says that I should definitely have bought a place.

BONUS: I’ve been going a little old school this week.

Photo: It’s rainy season in West Palm Beach. We have two seasons here, “rainy” from June to October, and “dry” from November to May. Also sometimes referred to as “really hot” and “not quite as hot”. During the rainy season, you can expect storms like this every day in the afternoon for at least an hour. 

2 thoughts on “Saturday Links!”

  1. Hey EM, welcome to the blogosphere. Random thoughts: I’m a vehicle nut and dig the Super Beetle and Enduro bike. I’m currently obsessed with electrics and am going to test drive a Zero bike this weekend. South Florida is a fine place. I love the Keys. Finally, doesn’t it seem that half of us FI bloggers are engineers of some sort? Oh wait, one more thing: I’ll help you restore your vehicles if you teach me how to surf! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the warm welcome! And yes, I have noticed that a lot of Fiancial Indepencence blogs are engineers or programmers or something like that. Seems like most of them should be in financial fields, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Very curious. Also, you’ll need to write a review of how the Zero bike goes. It looks like it’ll be hilariously fun, I wouldn’t mind one if they were WAY cheaper. Electric vehicles are amazing, a guy out in California converted an old Datsun to electric and takes it drag racing. It’s called the White Zombie. Because of the high torque of electric motors he usually smokes everyone. As far as MY classic car is concerned: I’m pretty much working on it all the time, so trading mechanic skills for surf lessons suits me just fine. Just let me know whenever you’re in Florida!

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