About The Engineer

Hello from the Internet! If you’ve come here looking for ways to live simply, found what you were looking for, and wanted to also get to know the author, look no further!

I try to live a simple life that makes room for the things I enjoy, like surfing and (of course) writing. I worked for a few newspapers in high school and college and got hooked, and now my secret identity is as a blogger while my day-to-day Clark Kent persona is as an engineer. Most engineers aren’t writers (and vice-versa) so I’ve always been looking for ways that I can bring my unique experiences in each field to the other.

I grew up mostly in the “deep south”. I received a degree in electrical engineering and after a brief stint working as a contractor for the military I now reside on the Atlantic coast of Florida.

I surf whenever the ocean affords me waves, which in my part of Florida is anytime that isn’t the summer. For the surfing aficionados out there, my primary board is a 9’4″ Colin McPhillips performance noserider by Stewart. I love longboarding in general and noseriding specifically because it feels more fluid and relaxed than shredding on a shortboard. I do have one of those too, for when I’m feeling adventurous or when there’s a hurricane. It’s a 6’2″ Firewire Hellfire which is probably a little beyond my abilities as a shortboarder. When it’s flat I get around town on a longboard skateboard which I am terrible at but I find to be incredibly fun.

I like working on old vehicles as well. Currently I have an old Beetle which I’m constantly tinkering with. I find it a surprisingly cheap option for transportation. Working on things like this really gives me clarity of mind; it’s something my brain can work on and it really helps me settle down and de-stress. Although I do sometimes get frustrated! I tinker around with electronics on the site as well (I’m an engineer, after all!) and sometimes those projects can be pretty interesting too.

That’s me in a nutshell! If you recognize me on the beach, say hello!